Going Green


Did you know:

    • Gold mining generates more waste per ounce than the mining of any other metal.
    • One gold wedding band requires the removal of more than 250 tons of rock and ore.
    • UNIDO estimates that one third of all mercury released by humans into the environment comes from artisanal gold mining.
    • According to World Gold Council statistics, about 70 percent of all new gold comes from mining while 30 percent comes from recycled sources.
    • Many jewelry manufacturers use over-seas factories, where production is cheaper and there are few environmental impact laws.


At Perry’s Fine, Antique & Estate Jewelry, our business is devoted to promoting cleaner, more conscientious jewelry.



Sell us your old jewelry

Many states will pay you 5 or 10 cents each to recycle your used cans, bottles and papers. At Perry’s, we pay you to recycle your gold, coins, diamonds, and sterling silver – and we'll pay a lot more than 5 cents!

Is your jewelry sitting untouched in some dusty corner? Sell it to Perry’s to recycle. Many of the items you sell will be professionally cleaned and polished, then resold to a new owner. Other scrap metals will be melted, and then re-made into new pieces to be cherished for another lifetime. Each ounce of gold we buy is one less that must be stripped from the earth.



Buy estate, antique and vintage jewelry

Mass jewelry production is a very recent phenomenon. 50 years ago, almost all engraving and design was done by hand. 150 years ago, master stonecutters worked for weeks to cut a single diamond. 250 years ago, a brick of gold had to be rolled out by hand before it could be crafted into jewelry. Hand crafting gems and jewelry is a time consuming, tedious process, but it is also a clean one - goldsmiths and master jewelers produce only a fraction of the byproducts that today's factories do! In addition, the quality, and attention to detail in estate, antique and vintage pieces is rarely seen in today’s jewelry – most of which is mass produced in cramped overseas factories. When a 19th century craftsman created a piece of jewelry, his reputation was only as good as the last piece he made. Many of the one-of-a-kind pieces in our showroom were made by hand to standards only seen today in the very highest end companies.





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