Sales Associate, GIA Graduate Gemologist
Works At:


Years in jewelry industry: 3.5 years

Favorite part about the jewelry industry: There is always something new going on in the industry and always something to learn.

Story of how you got in the jewelry industry: Attended Winthrop University for Art Education and senior year took a jewelry and metals course from Alf Ward. Once I graduated, I got into gem cutting as a hobby and in the process of doing that, met someone from the GIA who was giving a presentation on gems in the market. I wanted to get out of teaching and into the jewelry industry. Looked into the GIA and decided to pursue a Graduate Gemology Degree, which I thought would give me the best overall background before changing careers. Started part-time at Perry's during the holiday season during my 11th year of teaching. I started full time a few months later and here I am.

Favorite gemstone/jewelry era: Art Deco Era

Favorite part about working at Perry’s: The unique pieces that come though that you cannot find just anywhere...and the interesting stories that many of our customers share regarding pieces they have acquired.

Activities/hobbies enjoyed outside of work: Traveling